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The Bitten Peach

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Bitten Peach
is a community dedicated to the romantic relationship between Treize and Wufei of Gundam Wing.

Join thebittenpeach if you would like to request 13x5 commissions from phoenix13x5.

Payment may be monetary or in-kind so please let phoenix13x5 know which option you prefer.

Artwork will often, most likely, be yaoi, also known as male/male relationship,so if you 're uncomfortable with same-sex romance please do not join.

Most of the art featured here will be by phoenix13x5 but do feel free to post your own.


What's in a Name?

In ancient China, love between men was euphemistically referred to as 'the pleasures of the bitten peach'.The peach is also a symbol of long life. Taken together, the image of the bitten peach captures the essence of the sensual love between Treize and Wufei.



Peach Blossoms

Below you'll find a list of resources and recommended fiction about Treize and Wufei. Please share your favorites too, so they can be added to the list!