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LISTEN UP FRIENDS! *wags tail*


OKAY PEEPS! XD I have done some chibi-ness which I will upload when I come home; no scanner here at school, + they have banned like everything unless LJ... >>

BUT! THE 13th of MAY ( 5!!! ) aka 5.13 ( or 13.5 by our Norwegian system ) is coming up; we fellow 13x5-ers must find something to CELEBRATE TreiWu day! xD *wags tail and nudges Pixiesmith, Davros, Michalyn and Katikat* Like you fellows; myself I will try to get some sort of 13x5 celebrationpic; what will it be? Help me with ideas, people. And in the 13x5 community; should we try suggest some sort of celebration there too?
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