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I was in the mood for making some 13x5; and I had the time to sit down and do so, so... I did so. xD

Afternoon Couch Cuddle

xD I'm such a sucker for weak moments of tenderness. ^^; Enjoy!

Medias used;
PITT artist pens
Tags: drawings
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Now that's love! Chiropractic love that is. =)
xD LOL! Yeah, well, love Chiropractic love! xD <3
Eee! So loverly!! XD

For some reason, the book Treize is reading, had me thinking of "War & Peace Between Lovers" (not a true book, just thought it was funny XD). ROFL! I don't know why. XDD

Then, the fact that Wufei resembles a kyoot kitty napping on Treize's back! Awe! Squee! LOL!!

War & Peace Between Lovers! LOL!!!!

My kitty loves to nap on me. xD Well... He's quite grown now; cat I should say. xD Especially resting on my tummy. xD