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13 May 2006 @ 11:01 pm

HAPPY 13x5 DAY! *wags tail*

I've been to busy to come up with any 13x5 ness... ;___; So, I have these oekaki-ness things I made on my sucky computer because it can't handle else than MSpaint...>>

Click for sucky oekaki! xDCollapse )
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08 May 2006 @ 08:13 pm

Feeling spam-ey today; I'll spam ya with some older art; for you to laugh at. xD From an earlier crazy time of my life ( not much earlier, but tsk tsk. xD )

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08 May 2006 @ 06:06 pm

A KIND of remake of my past picture; Dandelion Parachute; which is found here; http://www.deviantart.com/view/26123966/ . But for the new version, click
Here! 13x5 ness ahoy mate!Collapse )
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08 May 2006 @ 01:19 pm

OKAY PEEPS! XD I have done some chibi-ness which I will upload when I come home; no scanner here at school, + they have banned like everything unless LJ... >>

BUT! THE 13th of MAY ( 5!!! ) aka 5.13 ( or 13.5 by our Norwegian system ) is coming up; we fellow 13x5-ers must find something to CELEBRATE TreiWu day! xD *wags tail and nudges Pixiesmith, Davros, Michalyn and Katikat* Like you fellows; myself I will try to get some sort of 13x5 celebrationpic; what will it be? Help me with ideas, people. And in the 13x5 community; should we try suggest some sort of celebration there too?
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01 May 2006 @ 04:47 am
Got a gift from kangaekaeru; It's awesome and hooooot.. *drool!* You must see it! Features Treize and Wufei... *3*

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28 April 2006 @ 10:01 pm
^^; Tried out some Cernit clay stuff/modeling putty stuff, and this is what I made! xD

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28 April 2006 @ 09:53 pm
xD Inspired by me and my cousin's RPG; Treize keeps Wufei up all night; which the job suffers... ^^; And eventually Wufei too. Pissed Lady is scary... *hides*

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28 April 2006 @ 09:43 pm
xD And here's some more stuff I doodled! The stuff to the left is a request from kangaekaeru, xD I hope you like it; and the stuff to the right is inspired by Devil Chick's ficlets "Warm" and "Snapdragon".
If you're lucky; I might color them. xD Depends on what you people say! *huggles*

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28 April 2006 @ 09:37 pm
Okay, I was in a WIERD mode today; and it ended with this sketch comic thing. I have to say, it's 13x5, it's perverted, and it has this strange thing with Michalyn's ficlet called Say Ahh.

^^; so click only if you dare; you can't SEE anything, but... well... I say... Bulge.. ^^; perverted. ^^;

Click for pervy 13x5 ness *blush*!Collapse )
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22 April 2006 @ 05:36 pm
I was in the mood for making some 13x5; and I had the time to sit down and do so, so... I did so. xD

I'm weak for sweet 13x5 moments....Collapse )
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